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Denis Smith

Light Painting changed Denis Smith's life, literally. Denis found light painting at a time in his life when he needed to take a new direction. He is known for creating his "Ball of Light" all around the world. The passion Denis has for Light Painting is immense and is shows in his work and in his numerous Light Painting workshops that he gives each year! Check out the interview, video and some of the images Denis has created using the Light Painting Brushes below.

What is your name?
Denis Smith

How long have you been light painting?
I started light painting in early 2009. Gosh that seems like a long time ago!

What is your favorite part about the Light Painting Art Form?
I love the freedom that light painting brings me. My favorite nights are when I am away form the city, and the pres-sures of daily life. Just being at one with nature.

What are your favorite type of light paintings to create and why?
Well I do have a fondness for orbs. This was my first real foray into light painting. I loved all the orbs that I saw in those early days on flickr, and soon found myself obsessed. Although I have dabbled in almost every other style of light painting, the Ball of Light will always be close by.

What is your favorite environment to shoot in?
Easily being out in BIG landscapes is my favorite. I love the challenge of being out in the landscape and trying to get the scale in to my images. It is a real challenge to make it feel like the light painting and the surroundings are one. Close second is the coast, I lobe water and the interaction between the water and light.

What is your favorite Light Painting you have ever created with the Light Painting Brushes?

This image was created in the aftermath of a devastating bush fire here in South Australia. It was a very emotional night and using the Swords helped me create the intense feeling I needed.

What is your favorite Light Painting Brushes attachment?
That seems to change over time, but at the moment easily the Fibre Optics. These just have so much latitude. I love them in portraits, around objects and also mixing light through them for all sorts of crazy effects.

What or who inspires you and your light painting work?
My inspiration comes from all over the place. There are obviously many light painters who inspire me. But the inspi- ration comes less from their work, but by their attitude to the art. I love seeing people push new boundaries. Trying new things. I also look to other genres such as landscape photographers. I always want to try and combine great landscape images with my light painting.

What is one piece of advice for someone who is just starting out Light Painting?
This is easy. DO NOT worry about getting th perfect image. Take inspiration from other light painters, but you have to realise it took a long time for them to get to where you see them so don’t compare to hard!. DO NOT buy into the bullshit about noise (no one but you sees it) and pixels, just make a lot of images! Ask questions, the light paint- ing community is so giving, don’t be afraid to ask! GO HARD!

Where can people see more of your light painting work?


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