Fiber Optic Light Painting Brushes

Light Painting Brushes fiber optic light painting tools create a light and whisky brush stroke like no other light painting tool. Available in both white and black. Great for use in portrait photography to create wispy light streaks. The Light Painting Brushes black fiber optic is only illuminated at the very ends of the strands, no light bleed! Using the Light Painting Brushes black fiber optic modifier creates effects like no other tool can, it is as close to working with actual paint brushes as your going to get when light painting. 

All Light Painting Brushes light modifiers must be used in conjunction with the Universal Connector and a light emitting device.

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9in Black Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
9in White Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Blue Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Color Fiber Optics, Set of 4 Colors
$ 90.00
Fiber Optic Light Painting Deluxe Kit
$ 239.00
Fiber Optic Light Painting Starter Kit
$ 89.00
Green Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Light Whip
$ 42.00
Pink Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Purple Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Screw On Color Filters
$ 35.00
Universal Connector
$ 20.00