Jason Rinehart

Light Painting Brushes Brand Ambassador Jason Rinehart has been creating his light painting work since 2004, he dedicated himself to the art form after being inspired by a documentary film on fellow Brand Ambassador Denis Smith. Jason's Light Painting Photography works takes you on a journey into a dream world that he creates along with his favorite models, his three lovely daughters. Check out the full interview with Jason below and follow the links at the bottom of the page for even more of his imaginative imagery!

 What is your name?
My name is Jason Rinehart

How long have you been light painting?
I've been light painting since around 2004 with various experimental techniques  but never really took it seriously until around 2012 and especially took off with my passion for light painting in 2013 after seeing "Ball of light" documentary featuring Denis Smith...

What is your favorite part about the Light Painting Art Form?
My favorite part about light painting as an art form is how I get to express my creativity or how I envision something to be. There is all this beauty around us daily that most people never see, but through light painting I'm able to create this free formed beauty whether around something ordinary that most would never see that way or by creating some sort of magical mystery leaving the viewer of a created image engaged and captured within my mind.

What are your favorite type of light paintings to create and why?
My favorite type of light paintings are the ones I get to spend time with my daughters creating. Being able to express myself through light painting has given me the opportunity to inspire my girls and share time together with them, those are my favorite light paintings to do.

What is your favorite environment to shoot in?
My favorite environment to shoot light painting images in are those ordinary spaces that I can create something within that space as if someone was seeing a dream. There's no boundaries to how creative you want to be.

What is your favorite Light Painting you have ever created with the Light Painting Brushes?
My favorite light paintings that I've created with using light painting brushes are all of them. It can be challenging to research and develop your own tools to use for light painting. That is one of the best parts about using Light Painting Brushes is that there literally giving you more time to create the image rather than trying to figure out on your own what could work. It's like handing Picasso the pre-arrange colors he would need to create his masterpiece.

What is your favorite Light Painting Brushes attachment?
My most favorite light painting brushes attachment is the black fiber optic brush. You can create some really detailed light portraits with this attachment our create different light textures within the image using this brush up close to your lens.

What or who inspires you and your light painting work?
What inspires me as an artist with my light painting work is everyone that sees an image I've created. It is such an amazing humbling feeling to have people engage with you from something as simple as expressing your creativity. What also inspires me as well as motivates me is the character of many artist around the world within the light painting community. It's not some sort of competition it's more like a supportive family that feeds off one another and in turn creates this beautiful creative dance.

What is one piece of advice for someone who is just starting out Light Painting?
One piece of advice for anyone who is just starting out in light painting or even wants to give it a try is that it is ok to imitate or even take bits and pieces from other artist techniques, which in turn will only help you develop what I call " your light signature". It is important for you to develop your own light signature within your own work. It is an amazing feeling to create something beautiful through light painting and when someone sees that image and knows who exactly did that without seeing a name is a great feeling even more so a accomplishment to be proud of.

Where can people see more of your light painting work?
If you would like to see more of my work, I invite you to please check out some of my HartLight links below. Please don't ever hesitate to ask questions, there are many out there  such as myself that believe in the art of light painting and want to share its beauty with you all. 



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