Color Fiber Optics

The Light Painting Brushes Color Fiber Optics. When a light is attached to these Pink, Blue, Purple and Green Fiber Optics via the Universal Connector the fibers illuminate the color that they are along the length of the fiber and glow brighter at the ends with the color of light that you attach to them. This Light Painting tool creates a very unique texture of light unlike anything else! Pair the Color Fibers with the Screw on Color Filters for even more interesting color combinations!
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Universal Connector
$ 20.00
9in Black Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Screw On Color Filters
$ 35.00
9in White Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Color Fiber Optics, Set of 4 Colors
$ 90.00
Blue Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Pink Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Purple Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Green Fiber Optic
$ 25.00