Using the Light Painting Brushes Universal Connector you can attach any light emitting device, flashlight, or torch that is relatively round and has a diameter of .975" to 1.5"  to a variety of the Light Painting Brushes light tools to create absolutely stunning images. The diameter range may not sound like much, but our guestimation is that this is at least 60 % of the flashlights and torches in existence. Saying there are about 1 billion lights out there thats around 600 million or a S!@# ton of lights.

The Light Painting Brushes Universal Connector will work with your existing lights as long as the bezel (top of the light) is in the .975" to 1.5" diameter range. The system works best with lights that have an on/off switch on the back of the light. Check out the lights below to get you started and we recommend you also check out the Coast website to see a wide variety of excellent lights that can be used with the Light Painting Brushes system!

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Coast G26 LED Flashlight
$ 22.00