How To Light Paint With Your Cell Phone Camera

In this Light Painting Photography tutorial, Jason D. Page shows you How To Light Paint using your Cell Phone Camera. The Light Painting concepts in this photography tutorial apply to any cell phone camera iPhone, Android or any other. You can capture the Light Painting art form using ANY camera that is capable of capturing a long exposure photograph, this includes a expensive DSLR Camera, Film Camera or even your Cell Phone.

In this video Jason captures a simple Light Writing using a iPhone 11 an APP called Slow Shutter Cam. If you have a different type of cell phone (Android or other) you can still capture the your light painting art on it as long as you can record a long exposure, your cell phone camera may have this ability or you might need to download some sort of long exposure app like I did.

The App that I used is called: Slow Shutter Cam
The Light Painting Brushes tools that I use. 
Universal Connector
Opaque Light Writers
Soonfire DS30 Flashlight 
Joby Phone Tripod

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