Exploding Orb Light Painting Tutorial

Light Painting Exploding Orb In this Light Painting Photography Tutorial Jason D. Page shows How To Light Paint an Exploding Orb! These are really easy and fun orbs to create. Just by adding in a few extra illuminations you can give the illusion that the orb is exploding and shooting out into the camera. The settings that were used in this tutorial were ISO100, F11 shooting in Bulb Mode. The Orb was created at F11, after the orb was create the aperture was switched, during the exposure, to F2.8 to allow the background to expose. Total exposure time was 209 Seconds. The Light Painting Brushes Tools that were used in this tutorial were the Diamond Plexiglass, Universal Connector and the White Color Hood. The Flashlight was the Soonfire DS31. Enjoy.