Brand Ambassadors

Light Painting Brushes Brand Ambassadors

Our Light Painting Brushes Brand Ambassadors are selected for two reasons, one is for their innovative images and second is because of their commitment to the future of Light Painting Photography! 

The Light Painting Brushes mission is to help the light painting community grow and flourish. To help achieve our mission we make light painting easier by providing universal, simple and affordable tools for those that lack the time, space or ability to make their own tools.  

Just as important as creating innovate tools we also provide educational content in the form of tutorials, workshops and meet ups to help people learn new Light Painting techniques. We want everyone that owns a camera to know about endless creative possibilities that open up when the lights go out! The Light Painting Brushes Brand ambassadors are a critical part of the mission’s success. Our Brand ambassadors are not only incredibly talented artist, the are leaders in the light painting community. Our ambassadors are positive influencers in the world of light painting who create inspiring images and are always willing to help and share their ideas and techniques. 

Please check out their profiles that include some of their images created using the Light Painting Brushes, Interviews, Tutorials, and links to their personal websites and Social Media Pages.