Starter Kits

The Light Painting Brushes Starter Kits include everything you need to get started light painting right out of the box, except for a camera and tripod. These Light Painting Tool Kits include a Flashlight, at least one Universal connector and a variety of Light Painting Tools for creating Light Orbs, Light Writing, Portrait Light Painting Images, and all kinds of magical Light Painting Art. The Light Painting Brushes Starter Kits are a great place to start to begin your collection, they will give you a nice range of colors and light textures to get creative! Check out this video showing exactly how all the Light Painting Tools in these kits work as well as example images of what you can create! 


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Universal Connector
$ 20.00
Fiber Optic Light Painting Starter Kit
$ 89.00
Light Painting Brushes Starter Kit
$ 99.00
3 Plexiglass Kit
$ 120.00
Light Painting Brushes Deluxe Starter Kit
$ 189.00
Fiber Optic Light Painting Deluxe Kit
$ 239.00