How To Light Paint With an iPhone - Light Writing Love

iPhone Light Painting

Learn How To Capture Light Painting using the camera on your Cell Phone in this Light Painting Photography Tutorial.

The App that I used is called: Slow Shutter Cam

The settings that I used in the app to capture the Light Writing were:
Light Trails Mode
Full Light Sensitivity
Shutter speed on Bulb
ISO 32

Some important tips where dark clothing and make sure you use a tripod! In this video I capture a simple Light Writing using a iPhone 14 Pro Max with an app called Slow Shutter Cam. If you have a different type of cell phone (Android or other) you can still capture the your light painting art on it as long as you can record a long exposure, your cell phone camera may have this ability or you might need to download some sort of long exposure app like I did.  

The light painting tools that I use in this Light Painting tutorial:
Diamond Plexiglass: 

Soonfire MX66 Flashlight:
Cellphone Tripod:

Follow my light painting work at: