How To Light Paint With an iPhone - Holographic Circle

iPhone Light Painting Photography Tutorial

Learn How To Capture Light Painting on you iPhone in much brighter conditions than normal in this Light Painting Photography Tutorial.


The App that I used is called: Slow Shutter Cam

The settings that I used in the app to capture the Light Writing were: 

Light Trails Mode
Full Light Sensitivity
Shutter speed on Bulb
ISO 32

Some important tips where dark clothing and make sure you use a tripod! In this video I capture a simple circle of Light and add a little color on the side using a iPhone 14 Pro Max with an app called Slow Shutter Cam. If you have a different type of cell phone (Android or other) you can still capture the your light painting art on your phone as long as you can record a long exposure, your cell phone camera may have this ability built into it or you might need to download some sort of long exposure app like I did.  

The light painting tools that I use in this Light Painting tutorial:

Collapsible Light Sword:

Soonfire MX66 Flashlight:
Cellphone Tripod:

Follow my light painting work at: