Silhouettes on a White Background

Light Painting Photography Tutorial by Erin Simmons 

In this Light Painting Photography Tutorial, Light Painting Brushes Brand Ambassador Erin Simmons shows how he creates Light Painted Silhouettes on a white background! Erin uses a White Bed Sheet as a backdrop and illuminates the sheet using from behind with his most powerful flashes to create a completely white background.

When Erin or a model stands in front of the sheet they will create a silhouette that you can then fill in with Light Painting effects.

Settings to start at are ISO 100, F8 shooting on Bulb Mode.

Some important tips to keep in mind is make sure the light from your flashes is strong enough to make the sheet completely white. If you have less powerful flashes or only one flash you can adjust the setting on your camera to allow more light to be recorded. If you find that your subject is not dark enough to create a silhouette because of the light spilling off the sheet have them move further away from the sheet and closer to the camera.


Light Painting Tutorial image by Erin Simmons

Light Painting Tutorial image by Erin Simmons