Universal Connector

The Universal Connector is the key that unlocks the Light Painting Brushes System. It is a durable rubber fitting that allows light painting photographers to universally connect literally millions of light emitting devices to a limitless array of custom light painting tools. The Light Painting Brushes System allows light modifiers and/or lights to be changed quickly and easily allowing many different light painting tools and lights to be interchanged during a single exposure.

Using the Light Painting Brushes Universal Connector you can attach any light emitting device, flashlight, or torch that is relatively round and has a diameter of .975" to 1.5"  to a variety of our light painting tools to create dramatic lighting effects in a single exposure!

The cone shaped end of the Universal Connector accepts the flashlight, torch, or other light emitting device while the opposite end accepts a light modifying device. The system works best with lights that have a on/off button on the back end of the light that way you have the ability to turn the light on and off easily or even strobe the light an intervals if you're feeling wild.

You need at least one Universal Connector to use any of the tools in the Light Painting Brushes System however we recommend a 3 pack if your just getting started. 

Innovation is a huge part of our light painting community and we encourage it! The Light Painting Brushes Universal Connector was designed to not only fit our custom made light modifiers but it also fits any standard plastic water or soda bottle. If you are an innovator or just a crafty creator you can create your own light painting tools out of empty plastic bottles. Don't throw them away and ruin the planet even more, take trash and turn it into a beautiful light painting creation.

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Universal Connector
$ 20.00
Universal Connector (3 Pack)
$ 50.00