The Story

The Light Painting Brushes System was created by light painting artist Jason D. PageJason is recognized as a leader in the current light painting movement by fellow light painters and art critics alike. He has pioneered numerous light painting techniques and with his innovation he has created ground breaking work. Jason’s light painting images have been published internationally in print as well as online. He has exhibited his work in numerous shows and galleries; including locations such as Palm Beach, Miami, NYC, Amsterdam, and Moscow. An accomplished light painter and founder of Jason is committed to the growth of the light painting art form on all fronts. 

Problem and Solution
Jason has been creating his light painting work since 2004 and for most of those years he used empty plastic bottles to modify light output creating color and designs within his work. The problem he had was that there were only a few lights that would fit into a plastic bottle and the lumen output on most of these lights was very limiting. Jason used tape to connect stronger lights to the plastic bottles however that meant the lights were fixed to one color or texture. Needing to use many lights for his colorful images taping lights together just would not work not to mention that many of his images are created in desolate location so the additional weight of carrying extra lights was a problem. He needed something that was light weight and would allow for lights of varying strengths and filters of varying colors and textures to be interchanges quickly and easily. As the project progressed Jason realized that the system could revolutionize light painting tools by creating a standard fitting that could attach limitless light painting tools. A clean, simple, and affordable design were of the utmost importance to make the Light Painting Brushes System available to everyone. After 3 years of development and many different prototypes, the final design of the Light Painting Brushes System and Universal Connector were created!  

Universal Connection
Jason says "The Universal Connector got its name from a idea. In our light painting family we have friends from every section of the planet, every walk of life, every religion, every ethnicity. We are all a family because we have something in common, a Universal Connection; the love of light. The Light Painting Brushes System was designed to make light painting tools more accessible for everyone, it was designed to encourage innovation and creativity, and with hopes spreading the light will build new friendships and grow the Light Painting Art Form."

Thank you to all my friends in the light painting community and all the light painting pioneers who have inspired my work and the Light Painting Brushes System. Étienne-Jules Marey, Georges Demeny, Frank Gilbreth, Man Ray, Gjon Mili, Barbara Morgan, Jack Delano, Andreas Feininger, George Mathieu, David Lebe, Eric Staller, Dean Chamberlain, Jacques Pugin, Jozef Sedlák, Vicki DaSilva, Kamil Varga, John Hesketh, Tokihiro Sato, Troy Paiva, Bruno Mesrine, Patrick Rochon, Aurora Crowley, Arturo Aguiar, Lapp-Pro, JanLeonardo, Chanette Manso, Michael Bosanko, Pete Eckert, Lance Keimig, Aaron Bauer, Jadikan, Jeremy Jackson, Jason Rinehart, Dennis Calvert, Mike Newcomer, Denis Smith, Tigtab, Laura Delprato, Alex Deforest, Mike Ross, Janne Parviainen, Hannu Huhmato, Ian Hobson, Eric Pare, Hugo Baptista, James De Luna, John Nocturne, Chris Bauer, Brian Hart, Dana Maltby, Darren Pearson and the ones that I forgot....