Light Painting Swords

Light Painting swords, a.k.a. Light Wands, or Lightsabers are great for creating super wide trails of light. The semi-opaque finish creates a soft light texture. A nice light for use in portrait photography, light painting photo booths, light graffiti, light calligraphy and abstract light painting photography. We offer various different light swords! We have a collapsible versions, holographic and Glitter Stick options! The Collapsible Light Painting sword is great for taking out in the field. 27" when expanded it is an excellent light painting tool for creating super wide light strokes and it collapses down to just over 12" making it easy to fit into your bag.

All Light Painting Brushes light modifiers must be used in conjunction with the Universal Connector and a light emitting device.

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Collapsible Light Sword (Individual)
$ 12.50
Collapsible Light Swords (Set of 8)
$ 85.00
Earth, Wind and Fire Glitter Stick Set
$ 65.00
Glitter Sticks (Individual)
$ 25.00
Holographic Sword
$ 30.00
Limited Edition - Cotton Candy Glitter Stick
$ 25.00