Light Writers

The Light Painting Brushes "Light Writers" are great for light drawing, light illustration, light writing, light drawing, light graffiti, and light calligraphy. From fine lines with the Light Pens to more of a broad light texture the Light Writers cover a verity of light textures and colors. The light writers are also the perfect tools for creating light painted physiograms and spirographs. 

All Light Painting Brushes light modifiers must be used in conjunction with the Universal Connector and a light emitting device.

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Crystal Light Pens (Individual)
$ 7.50
Crystal Light Pens (Set of 8)
$ 55.00
Light Pens (Individual)
$ 7.50
Light Pens (Set of 6)
$ 40.00
Opaque Light Writers (Individual)
$ 5.00
Opaque Light Writers (Set of 8)
$ 35.00
Translucent Light Writers (Individual)
$ 6.00