How To Light Paint A Skull

Light Painting Photography Tutorial

This Light Painting Tutorial shows you to Light Paint a Skull using Black Fiber Optic as the main source of light! This is a great Photography Tutorial for beginners, or anyone who is new to Light Painting as this is a pretty easy image to create! Using the Black Fiber Optic Jason shows how to Light Paint a Skull and some of the different lighting effects that the Black Fiber Optic can produce by holding it in different ways.  Light Painting a plastic skull is a starting off point but you can use these same techniques in numbers Light Painting Photography applications including Light Painting Portraits. The uses for the Black Fiber Optic are only limited by your imagination! Also used in this video are the new Crystal Light Pen and a customized Screw on Color Filter.   

The Light Painting Brushes Tools Used in this Tutorial:
Universal Connector
Black Fiber Optic
Customizable Screw On Color Filter
Red Crystal Light Pen