Chris Bauer

Light Painting Photographer Chris Bauer has been creating his work since 2011. Chris likes to take his time often creating elaborate time-lapse light painting projects as well as giant collage images where he will shoot hundreds of images and then prints them and stitches them together to bring his vision to life. Chris gravitates to positivity and he thinks the most important thing when light painting is to remember to have fun! 

What is your name?   
Chris Bauer

How long have you been light painting?   
I started light painting in 2011.

What is your favorite part about the light painting art form?     
The most exciting part for me is to see the result. Since you can't see what is happening while you are making the light painting, it is always a surprise! Seeing the results the way you imagined them in your mind is very rewarding.

The adventures, the opportunity to inspire others, the friends, the memories made, and even the trips that went wrong (the learning experiences). All of it has been worth every minute.

What are your favorite type of light paintings to create and why?
I have so much fun with light painting. I have never really been able to settle into one style of light painting. I enjoy all styles of the art form and find myself outdoors for most of the year, while working indoors on more intricate projects during the winter months.

I really enjoy the long projects that take me a long time to finish the most. The reward is always worth the effort.  Big collages made from multiple light paintings using the light pens, and other attachments. Stop motion/time lapse is another favorite.  

What is your favorite environment to shoot in?
Anything in the outdoors. I love a natural setting. A little moonlight or a waterfall is always nice.

What is your favorite light painting you have ever made with the Light Painting Brushes?
Ice Cave Yeti is my favorite.

What is your favorite Light Painting Brushes attachment?
If I could only keep one it would be the swords.

What or who inspires you and your light painting work?

I love seeing new material from the light painters. Anyone taking their own style to another level or trying new things is great to follow along with.

I would have to say that positivity plays a big part in my light painting and art work. Like most people, I have a tendency to gravitate towards something happy or beautiful.  I love to follow the work of those who show excitement and enthusiasm in whatever it is that they do.  Giving support and be inspired by others. I believe positive interaction like that goes full circle and always comes back to you. I am very inspired by that.

What is one piece of advice for someone who is just starting out Light Painting?Remember to always have fun! Enjoy the journey, not the destination! You don’t have to have brand new expensive gear to get great results. Practice often. Never force it. Did I say remember to have fun?

Here is a collection of Images Chris has created using the Light Painting Brushes! You can follow Chris and view more of his work at the links below! 

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Where can people see more of your light painting work?


Facebook: Chris Bauer (Light Painter)

Facebook: The Flower of Light

500PX: 500px

Instagram:  @ChrisBauer_LightPainter