Light Painting Brushes

This is the Light Painting Brushes collection of all of our light painting tools. These light painting tools can be used to create various colors, designs and textures in your light painting photography work. Excellent light painting tools for light painting, light drawing, light writing, light graffiti, light calligraphy, light painting photo booths, light painting workshops, light painting portraits, abstract and landscape light painting photography.

All of the Light Painting Brushes light modifiers must be use in conjunction with the Universal Connector and a light emitting device.

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Popsicle Plexiglass
$ 40.00
Portrait Light
$ 45.00
Purple Fiber Optic
$ 25.00
Screw On Color Filters
$ 35.00
Serpent Plexiglass (Limited Edition by Johnny Griffin)
$ 45.00
Translucent Light Writers (Individual)
$ 6.00
Translucent Light Writers (Set of 6)
$ 35.00
Unicorn Plexiglass
$ 45.00
Universal Connector
$ 20.00
Universal Connector (3 Pack)
$ 50.00