How to Light Paint a Fire Effect with Fiber Optics.

How To Light Paint a Fire Effect

Light Painting Tutorial: How to Create a Fire Effect With Fiber Optics

Join light painter Jason D. Page in this comprehensive tutorial on creating a realistic fire effect using colored gels and Light Painting Brushes Fiber Optic tools.

Whether you're just starting out with light painting or are looking to expand your skills, this tutorial has something for you. In this video, Jason will walk you through the steps to capture the perfect fire effect in your Light Painting Photography. He'll also show you how to use colored gels and Light Painting Brushes fiber optic tools to create dynamic, glowing fire effects that are sure to impress.

Here is a list of the tools that were used in this Light Painting Photography Tutorial:
Universal Connector
DIY Screw On Color Filters
Black Fiber Optic
White Fiber Optic
Sticky Back Gels