Screw On Color Filters

Light Painting Brushes, Color Filter Set

$ 35.00

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Screw on Color Filters 

This set of 8 color filters screw on to ALL of the different Light Painting Brushes tools so that you can change the color of ANY tool in our line up! If you want to have a Pink Plexiglass simply screw on the Color Filter and now when you shine your light the Plexiglass will illuminate Pink! Want to have a Green Light Whip simply screw on the green color filter and your whip will shine green! You can stack multiple color together to create your own custom hues and we have even included a white/clear filter so you make your own custom color if you like.

All the Light Painting Brushes light modifiers must be used in conjunction with the Universal Connector and a light emitting device (Not Included). Any lights or universal connectors shown in the images are for example purposes only, they are not included with this item.

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All of our Light Painting Brushes tools are custom made by hand. We strive to get your orders shipped within 3 days of your purchase, most of the time it only takes a day. However in times of high demand some items may take up to a week to ship. For International shipments please review our shipping policies HERE before placing an order.